A seamless Customer Experience between you and your partner

By Buljan & Partners Consulting

A seamless Customer Experience between you and your partner

The practice of paying for a service after using it (“pay-per-use model”) is becoming increasingly popular in current society. End customers and users are setting the pace of this trend as we can see in the private property sector (for example, housing and transport), which is decreasing in demand. Therefore, companies have to irremediably restructure their activity to meet these changing needs. Continue reading

Customer Experience Management in Spain: why we are still far away from awareness and implementation

Written by Silvana Buljan for Buljan & Partners Consulting

Last week I spoke about CEM at a CRM-vendor sponsored event in Barcelona, and was positively surprised about the audience´s complicity and continuous nodding during my speech. At the same time I could feel their desperation and helplessness, because in their own organizations decisionmakers tend to be deaf about longterm, customer centric strategies that support profitable growth. The more blue-chip you are, the bigger and shareholder value driven you get. I wonder if shareholders really only look for short-term results and not manage their investment portfolios with a longterm interest behind. It might be that they are used as perfect excuse for managing business with a 3-month-horizon focused on sales and controlling, which it´s easier to push and requires less strategic leadership!

Anyway, coming back to CEM in Spain and – as already emphasized in previous blogposts – the direct link and natural dependency between excellent customer experience and employee engagement, I confront myself again and again with the same question: is the cultural discourse of a country relevant for coherence between “wanting” to deliver exceptional customer experience and “needing” to motivate employees to do so?

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